You won’t believe me but all these sunrises were taken from the same spot on my deck

I’ve been taking pictures of sunrises off my deck for nearly a decade.  Since re-opening Crew’s Quarters (@crews_quarters on Instagram) I’ve been posting quite a few sunrise pictures.  Time after time people who’ve seen all of my sunrise pictures ask “Where was this taken?”  They are usually shocked when I tell them “Same place as always: Off of my deck.”  It’s incredible that the same location can deliver such a variety of vistas.

Here are some of those sunrises, 10 of them to be exact, and again, all were taken from the same vantage point off of my deck on the eastern basin of Lake Erie.  What do you think? Do you believe me or do you think I’m playing with you?

Low level clouds couldn’t stop the magic…
Micky Mouse?
Wispy clouds and inspiring glow!
Color beyond imagining…
Bursting through the haze.
Red in morning, sailors’ warning…
Cotton ball clouds all in a row.
Laker on the move…
If you look closely you can see a crescent moon…
A martian landscape?

Hard to believe these are all from the same location, right?  These are only a few examples!  To see more of them, visit us on Instagram .  If you have some of your own sunrise pictures we’d love to see them too!


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